26.11.2022 News

Lanisek flitted to new hill record- “Maybe i can be a morning person after all”

Slovenian Anze Lanisek set the new hill record on the first round. Lanisek’s jumping went well during the whole day and the new hill record helped him to win the HS142 with 312.8 points. Ruka Hill record was held by three jumpers before this weekend. Stefan Kraft, Ryōyū Kobayashi and Karl Geiger held the last record with 147,5 meters. Lanisek jumped 149 meters and now holds the new record by himself. Austrian Stefan Kraft was second on HS142 competition and lost to Lanisek only by 1.3 points.

– I have to be happy, victory and the new record, so couldn’t ask for more. Usually I’m struggling bit in a morning but I showed today that maybe I can be a morning person.

World Cup standings got little tighter now when Lanisek rose to second place and Kraft to third place. Dawid Kubacki who leads the World Cup performed with his usual reliability. Kubacki got to 4th place with 296.5 points.

Finns Niko Kytösaho, Antti Aalto and Eetu Nousiainen who got trough from the qualification, didn’t make it to the second round. 10.5 points was taken away from Nousiainen’s 127.5 meters jump by style points and he ended up on 38th position on the standings. Aalto and Kytösaho ended up on the 47th and 48th place out of 50 jumpers.

– We are going to analyze this situation and we will see how we can do better with the jumping and let’s go on with that, Aalto commentated his elimination and what things he are going to do better tomorrow.

Beautiful jumps were seen by many athlete’s, so great competition can be expected also tomorrow.


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