Team Info 2022

All the information can be found also from FIS’s Event Programs.

Requests for additional accreditation must be sent via the FIS Online System.

All accreditation cards can be picked up at Accreditation Office in Hotel Scandic Rukahovi, Congress centre.

All requests for extra accreditations must be sent via FIS Online system, or to .

Accreditation office, opening hours
Monday 21.11 9-19
Tuesday – Thursday 22-24.11 9-19
Friday 25.11 8-18
Saturday 26.11 8-17
Sunday 27.11 8-11

For more questions, please contact Mrs. Kirsi Hänninen of the Accreditation Office.

Kirsi Hänninen
+358 50 028 2505


Teams and SRS companies must use the FIS online booking system by requesting the number of rooms/apartments with full-board. Accommodation office is located at Scandic Rukahovi congress center, 1st floor.

Opening hours

23-24.11 9.00 – 19.00
24-26.11 9.00 – 18.00

Rukakeskus Oy
Mari Kämäräinen
+358 10 382 5039



The transportation office will arrange transportation between the official airports (Kuusamo, Oulu and Rovaniemi) and the hotels in Ruka.

Requests for transportation (exact arrival times, flight numbers and number of arriving people) must be sent via the FIS Online Entry System or directly to the Transportation office at

There will be no shuttle service between hotels and venues. Accommodation, venues and stadium area will be within walking distance.

Transportation office, opening hours

21-23.11 10.00 – 18.00
24-27.11 9.00 – 20.00


Head of transportations
Anselmi Pitkänen
+358 40 148 5557

The schedules for competitions can be found from our Programme page.

Ski Jumping:

TD: Mathis Hubert SUI
TD ass. Nadarkiewicz Renata POL

Karjalainen Janne FIN
Gschwentner Hermann AUT
Malec Pascal FRA
Sebergsen Nikolai NOR
Marit Stub Nybelius SWE

Nordic Combined:

TD Stegnar Matija SLO
TD ass. Pagnier Jerome FRA
Nat TD. Asko Aalto FIN

Welling Juho FIN
Gschwentner Hermann AUT
Malec Pascal FRA
Sebergsen Nikolai NOR
Marit Stub Nybelius SWE


TD: Marte Trondsen NOR
TD ass. Jakub Tejchman CZE
Nat. TD: Kai Samposalo FIN


Arriving to Finland: At the moment, Finland does not impose any restrictions on entry to the country because of the COVID-19 epidemic. All restrictions on entry have been lifted. • Pre-pandemic practices have been reinstated at border checks. Travellers arriving from non-EU and non-Schengen countries must still have normal travel documents, i.e. a passport and, if necessary, a visa. • In Finland, it is no longer necessary to show your EU Digital COVID Certificate when attending events, visiting food and beverage service businesses or entering the country. • Please note, that the regulations may change with short notice. Detailed and updated info on practices at Ruka Nordic is available here: • More information:

  • When traveling and at the event area and accommodation, The event organzer recommend to keep the social distances and use a mask/respirator indoor.
  • Wash your hands before cooking and meals, when you come in from outdoors, after using the toilet, after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose, after touching the same surfaces as someone with a cold.
  • More information:

Ruka Nordic Covid-19 info:

Covid-19 testing in Ruka

  • Doctor Service Bene Finland Oy offers corona testing during the race week.
  • Rukatunturintie 9, 93825 Kuusamo
  • PCR tests: Results and written test certificates within 24 hours.
  • Antigen tests: Results on the same day
  • Appointment and the questions directly to the Doctor Service:
  • Testing times: mon-sun 10-18 Appointments: +358 40 707 7123. Emergency testing from 18-22, additional 100 € charged.More information:
    Antigene testing. 75 €, incl. certificate. Responses in 30 minutes with certificate.
    PCR-testing: 275 €, incl. certificate. Response within 24 h, e-mail certificate.
    If only single PCR-test is transported, the whole price twill be 950 €.

Competition office

Competition office is located at Scandic Rukahovi congress center.

+358 40 580 0467

Opehing hours:
mon–thu 21–24.11 9–19
fri – sat 25-26.11 8-21:00
sun 27.11 8-18:00

Cross Country info
CC info point is located at the stadium area.

CC info tel.:
+358 40 084 7989

CC info opening hours:
mon-wed 21-23.11 9-15.00
thu–sat 24–26.11 8–15
sun 27.11 8-17:00

Maintenance booths
Available starting from monday 21.11 12:00.

Service trucks: All teams arriving with trucks must announce the exact measures and needs for OC:lle by 14th of October

Keys can be found from CC info. Keys also must be returned to CC info during the final day. For extra spaces regarding ski preparations, there will be extra expenses which must be payed when picking up the keys from CC info. The fines from lost keys is 100€ and from cleaning 150€. Parking tickets can be found CC info.

Starting numbers
Starting numbers will be distributed in CC info before the competitions.

Team captain meetings will be held at RukaVillage meeting rooms. Only one representative of each team is allowed to participate. You can also participate to the meeting from distance / online.