27.11.2022 News

Sunday’s Ski Jumping World Cup competition saw an entertaining finish

If Saturday’s Ski Jumping World Cup was lost for the Finns, it was on Sunday Niko Kytösaho and Antti Aalto flew to the second round of the competition. Kytösahon 130.5 meters long and Aallon jumps of 133.0 meters create a lot of hope for Sunday’s Ski Jumping World Cup competition. Vilho Palosaaren and Eetu Nousiaisen the jumps were so weak that they did not get a place in the second round.

The leaders of yesterday’s race: Slovenian Anze Lanisek, Austrian Stefan Kraft, Polish Dawid Kubacki, Polish Piotr Zylaand many others raised themselves by throwing to the second round.

Sunday’s races were jumped in challenging conditions. The wind conditions were difficult, although the winds were not strong, but the abundant fluctuations in the currents created challenges and thus made the second round of the race exciting.

The top three smiling from the left, Halvor Egner Granerud, Stefan Kraft and Naoki Nakamura.


The second round of Sunday’s Ski Jumping World Cup competition was very exciting, as there was no single winner, but the victory was shared with equal points for the Austrian For Stefan Kraft and for the Norwegian who flew well in the qualifiers Halvor Egner Granerud. Although Granerud jumped a new hill record of 150.5 meters in the qualifiers. Granerud jumped before Kraft, but Kraft showed Austrian guts by jumping Halvor Egner Granerud alongside. Third in the competition 26 years old Naoki Nakamura with 294.9 points.

Niko Kytösaho, who did the best in the race for Finland, collected 237.7 points from Sunday and the final ranking in the race was twenty-fifth.

– Yes, both jumps had flaws, especially the second one. t was a terrible rush to fly from that bow, but I was able to jump a full race, so that was good, comments Kytösaho about his own performance after Sunday’s competition of the Ski Jumping World Cup in Ruka.

The overall points situation of the World Cup changed when Poland’s Dawid Kubacki’s overall score was cooled by Austrian Stefan Kraft, who came second in the race today, and Slovenian Anze Lanisek, who finished fourth in the race today with 294.6 points, was third in the statistics.


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