Enjoy the athmosphere of Karhunkierros!

Karhunkierros is open during each day of the competition from 9am. From the bakery of Karhunkierros you’ll find fresh and delicious doughnuts, together with hot and cold drinks of your choice.

Karhunkierros will also host the program of Iskelmäviikot in each day of the competition. Iskelmäviikot-programme consists of first preliminary rounds for a singing competition, karaoke for the audience, and mestaritanssit – dancing accompanied by a live band and famous singers. The schedule is coming soon

There’s a great view to the stadium and the ski jumping hill, so you won’t miss out on any moment of the competition!

Join us at Karhunkierros for food, drinks and great moments of Ruka Nordic’s competitions!

We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.

Grilled treats from Food Court Avenue

From Ruka’s Food Court Avenue you’ll find refreshing warm soups and the local speciality of Kuusamo, friend vendaces! The soup selection includes traditional finnish soups, such as the creamy salmon soup, and vegetable soups for vegetarians.

And of course, the menu wouldn’t be complete without the classic snack of all outdoor competitions: grilled sausages!

For those who want to spend as much time as possible in the middle of the crowd and friends, we offer hot drinks from the take away stall.

Try also the licorice and Le Gruyère at the Food Court! The food stalls are open during the events at the stadium from Friday to Sunday.

We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.

HS142-bar is the top spot for those who love Ski Jumping!

Right next to Ski Jumping hill, HS142-bar has the best views to watch Ski Jumping competitions, and this year you can do it together with the legends of the sport.

Last year, the HS142-bar hosted The Club of Legends, with visits and stories from the Finnish ski jumping legends Anssi Koivuranta, Toni Nieminen, Matti Hautamäki, Pentti Kokkonen and Kari Ylianttila. Join us and enjoy the atmosphere of the extreme sport at HS142-bar together with the legends of the sport.

The HS142-bar is open from ten in the morning until the last race. We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.

VIP Sudenpesä

Amazing athmosphere of Sudenpesä invites you to join our VIP treatment!

VIP-guests at Ruka Nordic will enjoy the exquisite services in the real Lappish athmosphere of Sudenpesä. Try out the Finnish Sauna, or jump to the hot tub at Sudenpesä terrace!

The delicious bufee prepared our chefs includes organic and local ingredients, and the bar is open for the quests through the whole weekend. Sudenpesä is open from Friday to Sunday, from dawn until the last race.

Read more about Ruka Nordic VIP here