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Jarl Magnus Riiber to a clear win again – The new hill record sealed the race.

Nordic combine’s biggest star, Jarl Magnus Riiber, won the competition by miles to other athletes. Cross-Country part’s second fastest Riiber jumped 153,5 meters and updated the new Ruka Large hill’s record.

Sunday’s competition was a less frequently competed format, with a mass start. The 10km skiing session went as expected, and the group stayed together until the last lap. The top 4 skiers finished inside 0,6 seconds, so the point differential towards the ski jumping was relatively marginal. 

Second place in the competition went to Austria’s Johannes Lamparter as it did yesterday. He was fourth after the Cross Country and secured his position with a 134.5-meter jump. Lamparter’s countryman Stefan Rettenegger improved his jumping and climbed from eighth position to third place. Rettenegger’s 138,5m jump was 4th longest overall.

“It was a perfect Jump. I jumped 151 meters in a training round. I thought that if I got the same opportunity in the competition, I wanted to take it. And I jumped even further. So I’m thrilled to jump that far; it was an insane filing,” Riiber described after his record jump.

Men’s Nordic combine continues next week in Lillehammer, Norway.

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